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Traditional Painting Commission
Nicole does private painting commissions if she has an artistic interest in the project, and her always tight schedule permits. These commissioned artworks are generally oil paint on illustration board and often require a photo shoot with Nicole in order to truly create a one of a kind illustration. Several sketches, created in the development stage, are included with a painting commission.

  • 15"x20" - Starting at $2200
  • 20"x30" - Starting at $3700
  • 32"x40" - Starting at $5100

Digital Painting Commission
Graphite/Pencil on paper drawing which is scanned and digitally painted (300 dpi High Res).  You will receive the original drawing as well as a 13″x19″ fine art paper print of the final colored piece (canvas, metal or acrylic prints are available for an additional charge).

  • 8.5"x11" - Starting at $1000
  • 11"x14" - Starting at $1250
  • 11"x17" - Starting at $1500
  • 20"x30" - Starting at $2000
 commission-graphics-august-2014-harley.png Drawing Commission
Graphite/Pencil on paper drawing.  Larger pieces result in much finer details.
  • 8.5"x11" - Starting at $500
  • 11"x14" - Starting at $750
  • 11"x17" - Starting at $1000
  • 20"x30" - Starting at $1500



Blank Comic Cover Drawing Commission
Graphite/Pencil on blank comic book cover of your choice.  Nicole does not provide the comic.  

  • Blank Comic Cover - Starting at $400
    • CGC Signature grading available for additional $100
 commission-graphics-august-2014-mal.png Colored Sketch/Cartoon Commission
This is a mix of mediums which often includes graphite, ink, colored pencils and Copic markers on paper.

  • 8.5"x11" - Starting at $150
  • 11"x14" - Starting at $200
  • 11"x17" - Starting at $250
 commission-graphics-august-2014-ahsoka.png Sketch/Cartoon Commission
Graphite / Pencil on paper

  • 8.5"x11" - Starting at $75
  • 11"x14" - Starting at $125
  • 11"x17" - Starting at $150


Deposits and Payment Schedule

Prices will go up depending on the amount of creative control the client wishes to have as well as whether or not Nicole will wish to make prints of the piece.

Nicole has a constant waiting list for commissions.  To hold your place in line for a drawing or painting, 1/3 of the commission will be paid upfront.  When the concept has been developed and approved, the second 1/3 will be paid.  On completion the remaining balance plus shipping & handling is to be paid before the painting is shipped.

For commissions under $500, 1/2 will be paid upfront and the second 1/2 will be paid on completion.

There will be an additional charge for any "rush" jobs.

Contact us to tell us yout commission idea and receive an invoice for the initial payment.

Payment plans are available.


Licensing is available for Nicole’s artwork.  However, paying for a commission does not give you the license to use the piece.  Nicole maintains the copyright on all of her images.  Please contact us if you are interested in licensing artwork for commercial use.