Chewbacca Star Wars PinUp "I'd Rather Kiss The Wookie" 13x19" Limited Edition by Nicole Brune

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Who says a wookie can't be sexy. This piece features sexy LeeAnna Vamp in her Wookini! The little details on this piece are what brings it all together for the true fan! The purse says K-CHIQ.....isn't Chewbacca's homeworld pronounced kesheek?  And if you look behind her, you will see the view out of the cockpit of the Falcon going into lightspeed. Awesome!

If you are a true fan, you will get a copy of this piece for your collection!

Print will not have the watermark on it.


This piece has an added background and is printed13"x19".  This is limited to only 100 pieces.

The original is an 11"x17" graphite illustration that is scanned and digitally painted.  This is available in black and white and color open edtions.  The original is available

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  • Art by Nicole Brune

  • Full Color

  • Limited to 100

  • Signed by the Artist